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The mouth is a complex unit made up of various structures, each with its own specificities and vulnerabilities. As such, these structures (teeth, gums, other soft tissues, etc.) can be impacted by problems that affect their health, appearance or integrity. The various services offered at GK Dental Centre, your general dentists in Brossard, aim to treat the various parts of the mouth and the teeth. They help keep the mouth and teeth in good shape and improve their function and appearance.

Our team of dynamic professionals will welcome you in our calm and friendly office to provide you with quality care with three main objectives:

Keep your mouth and teeth healthy :

This involves maintaining good oral hygiene, preventive treatments and the immediate treatment of diseases and disorders before they become more serious. The objectives of regular dental check-ups are to detect diseases and fix harmful habits and their effects on the mouth and teeth.

Protect the integrity of oral structures :

When diseases develop or when teeth have fallen out or been extracted, this can affect the integrity of the surrounding structures. It is therefore important to treat these potentially problematic situations as soon as possible.

Improve the appearance of the smile :

How your smile looks is important. It not only affects your self-esteem but can also impact the way your mouth functions. That is why it should not be ignored and why we offer a variety of cosmetic treatments.

Take advantage of our quality services

Contact us to take advantage of our quality services offered by our attentive staff who are passionate about oral health. That way, every detail of your mouth structures and oral health will be examined. Your smile will be beautiful, healthy and fully functional!

Comprehensive services
that meet everyone’s needs

We offer a wide range of treatments for all aspects of the health and appearance of your smile. That way, every detail of your oral health will be examined!

Dentisterie générale et familiale

Comprehensive and varied care with a clear objective: to keep your mouth healthy through preventive treatments and the treatment of common diseases and disorders.


Do you wish you could straighten your teeth and fix your jaw alignment problems gently and discreetly? Now you can thanks to Invisalign, an alternative to traditional orthodontics that is suited to everyday life.


These metal rods inserted into the jawbone to support a dental restoration (crown, bridge, partial or full denture) are the strongest and most durable dental replacement options.

Couronnes et ponts

When a tooth is badly damaged or weakened or when a tooth is missing, a restoration or replacement, such as a crown or bridge, is required.

Urgences dentaires

Acute dental pain, a broken tooth and oral trauma are all situations that require rapid treatment in order to identify the source of the problem and/or prevent permanent consequences.

Blanchiment dentaire

When coloured residues accumulate on the teeth, they turn yellow. This yellowing can be fixed through professional treatment at home (whitening with customized trays) or at the clinic (Zoom Advance).

Traitement de canal

An essential treatment to save a tooth whose internal components have been attacked by bacteria or destabilized by trauma, as well as to protect the structures around it.

Chirurgie dentaire

General dentists have the technical knowledge and skills to perform dental extractions, especially of wisdom teeth. The purpose of this surgery is to preserve the structures surrounding a disease or damaged tooth.


Like the teeth, the gums and other tissues that hold the teeth in place (periodontium) are susceptible to bacteria. Bacteria can cause inflammation (gingivitis) and deep infections (periodontitis).

Dentisterie esthétique

These treatments improve or restore the appearance of your smile (colour and shape of your teeth, straightness, etc.), leaving you with a beautiful and radiant smile!

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