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Crowns and bridges provide a natural and comfortable result

A badly damaged or missing tooth can be unattractive and cause functional issues. It can also harm the integrity of the surrounding structures of the mouth. That is why it is important to correct the situation through an adapted restoration, such as a dental crown or bridge. These two durable and accessible options are offered by your dentists at GK Dental Centre in Brossard.

Crowns and bridges restore the function and preserve the integrity of the smile

Sometimes a tooth becomes damaged, falls out or has to be extracted due to wear, poor hygiene, poorly treated oral diseases or trauma. When this happens, the damaged or missing tooth not only affects the appearance of the smile, but also its function, especially chewing. A brittle tooth is also more vulnerable to infection, which can spread to the surrounding area. An empty space can cause the roots of adjacent teeth to shift and can also make it easier for bacteria to get under the gums. To prevent this from happening, it is important to fix a damaged or missing tooth with a crown or bridge.

Couronnes et ponts : pour restaurer les fonctions et préserver l’intégrité du sourire

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Dental crown

This is a hollow prosthesis that is attached to a damaged tooth that still has a viable root. It restores the tooth by making it sturdy and restoring its full visual and functional capacities. It also helps protect the teeth and surrounding tissues from wear and bacteria.

Dental bridge

Also called a fixed bridge, it replaces a missing tooth (sometimes two) that is between two healthy teeth. Made from a mixture of porcelain and metal, it consists of two separate parts: the false tooth (called a pontic) and the abutments, i.e. the adjacent teeth to which the crowns are attached.

Une procédure de restauration en quelques étapes

The restoration procedure in a few steps

  • Preparation meeting
    The dentist first assesses the tooth (or the empty space), as well as the structures surrounding it. He or she then prepares the damaged tooth or abutments by removing the brittle parts of the tooth. Then the necessary impressions are taken to design the restoration.
  • Making the abutment and restoration
    The crown or bridge is manufactured in the laboratory based on precise modelling. During this process, which can take a few days to a few weeks, the remaining teeth are protected by a temporary restoration placed during the initial appointment.
  • Attaching the restoration
    During the second appointment, the temporary crown or bridge is removed. The restoration is then attached to the previously prepared tooth or teeth using medical grade cement. Once attached, it can remain in place for several years if properly cared for.

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