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The professionals at the GK Dental Centre in Brossard offer two teeth whitening options

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Professional teeth whitening

The colour of your teeth is one of the first things people notice about you. That is why many people are embarrassed when their teeth turn yellow and dull, even though it is a common occurrence. Fortunately, there is usually a solution. The professionals at the GK Dental Centre in Brossard offer two teeth whitening options: treatment with customized trays and whitening with the Zoom Advance chair.

Yellow teeth: a common occurrence

Teeth are covered with a naturally white, pearly protective layer called enamel. However, when deposits accumulate, especially from dark-coloured foods and drinks (berries, coffee, red wine, tea, etc.), your teeth become more yellow and dull. This yellowing can also happen when the enamel becomes thinner due to acids produced by bacteria and acids contained in food and drinks, wear over time and certain medications and antibiotics. When the enamel becomes thinner, the naturally-yellow part of the tooth underneath, called the dentin, becomes more apparent. Unfortunately, this is irreversible, unlike yellowing caused by coloured deposits, which can be fixed with a teeth whitening treatment.

In-clinic whitening

Your dentists in Brossard offer two professional treatments, which are far better than any over-the-counter options available:

Zoom Advance chair whitening:

This treatment is done in the clinic during a single appointment that lasts less than two hours. First, the soft tissues are protected, then a gel is applied and the whitening effects are activated with a light beam. After a certain amount of time (determined by the dentist), the teeth regain their whiteness and radiance.

Whitening with customized trays

This whitening treatment is done at home using trays that are custom-made from dental impressions. Simply fill them with a whitening product and wear them every day for a specific amount of time (usually 60 to 90 minutes). Results become visible after repeated use of the trays for 2-3 weeks (depending on your dentist's instructions).

Les avantages des options de blanchiment professionnelles

The advantages of professional teeth whitening options

  • Customized professional help
    Unlike over-the-counter products, professional teeth whitening treatments are customized. This ensures that the quantity and concentration of the gel, as well as the duration of the treatment and the exposure time, are determined based on the original colour of your teeth and the desired results.
  • A safe treatment for your teeth
    Whitening treatments with a customized tray or the Zoom Advance whitening treatment are less damaging to the enamel in the long term. They are more concentrated and better adapted, leading to safer, better and longer-lasting results.
  • Better results
    Because the treatment is customized, it is easier to achieve the desired effect. Touch-ups are often scheduled within 6 to 12 months following treatment. This helps to set the results and eliminates the need for frequent teeth whitening, which can lead to thinning of the enamel over time.

Online appointment booking

To book an appointment for your routine check-up, for a specific treatment or for an emergency consultation, call us at 450-445-45445 or fill out the online form. We will contact you to suggest a time based on the nature of your request and your needs.

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