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Root canal treatment

Despite their small size, teeth have many different parts, each of which can become infected. When an infection reaches the centre of the tooth, called the pulp, the tooth's viability becomes compromised. To save the tooth, your dentists at the GK Dental Centre in Brossard offer a solution called a root canal treatment. This procedure aims to stop the infection without having to remove the tooth.

What is a root canal ?

A root canal is designed to clean the pulp and the root canals of a diseased tooth to allow it to remain in place. Sometimes these components in the centre of a tooth are affected to the point of compromising its viability and threatening the surrounding structures. The infection can spread or cause an abscess.

A deep infection can be caused by:

  • A cavity that was left untreated, allowing bacteria to penetrate deeper into the tooth, reaching the pulp and attacking its components (nerves, blood vessels, etc.);
  • Cracks in the enamel or broken fillings that have weakened the protection of the tooth, thus allowing bacteria to get into the centre of the tooth;
  • A blow to a tooth or a shock (direct or indirect) to the mouth, breaking or loosening the tooth and weakening its internal structures.
En quoi le traitement de canal consiste-t-il 

How is a root canal done ?

The dentist places a dental dam around the treated site to prevent saliva and bacteria from interfering with the work;

The dentist makes a hole the tooth to remove the infected pulp using precision tools;

The dentist thoroughly cleans the root canal before filling it with medical grade cement;

Finally, the hole is sealed with a dental filling. A dental crown is sometimes used when the tooth is damaged or weakened.

Trois fausses croyances sur le traitement de canal

Three misconceptions about root canals

  • They are painful and uncomfortable
    Root canals are often incorrectly associated with pain. The truth is, the pain comes from the infection rather than the procedure itself. The treatment itself is performed under local anesthetic and is normally no more uncomfortable than getting a filling.
  • The procedure is long, tedious and complicated
    Even though it requires a lot of attention to detail, dental surgeons are experts at performing this procedure, which requires one or two appointments. The procedure is therefore quite simple and, if the infection has not spread, is enough to stop the infection without causing major complications.
  • They kill and weaken the tooth
    It is true that removing the nerves and blood vessels from the tooth does kill it. However, this does not prevent the tooth from performing its functions. A root canal can actually save a tooth that might otherwise weaken and eventually fall out.
    de minutie, les chirurgiens-dentistes ont l’habitude de pratiquer cette intervention qui nécessite d’un à deux rendez-vous. Ainsi elle se fait généralement assez simplement et, si l’infection n’a pas commencé à se propager, elle suffit à l’enrayer sans causer de complications majeures.

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